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Heat Treatments - Bed Bugs & other pests

Ok, Total Shield LLC is up and's official !!! My first blog is simply going to be a quick rundown of Heat Treating a home or business using GreenTech Titan gas heaters and Thermoclave electric heaters to eradicate common pests but more importantly...BED BUGS!

I have successfully made treatments that eradicated 100% of Bed Bugs, roaches and get this...Mice!

Every living organism from bacteria to humans have a thermal temperature that when reached is deadly. Using heat properly to permeate all nooks and crannies of a home or business at kill temperatures leaves bugs and mice no where to hide. Use of desiccants to provide a barrier they have to run through to escape rising temperatures increases the kill rate exponentially! Through the heating process pests (especially bed bugs) metabolism speeds up and thus the drying process does too. Desiccants draws moisture from them very quickly and even provides kills in lower temps than what is generally prescribed!

Temps that are needed are as follows:

Now this is a basic kill point of bed bugs outside in the open which will happen during a treatment. However many are going to try and escape the heat by burrowing deep into the house. This is why a treatment generally heats the house to over 130 degrees for a period of 2-3 hours once that temperature is met in order to permeate all places the bugs might try to go and achieve a 100% kill.

In one treatment mice were a big problem as well as roaches and of course...BED BUGS! We thought residual treatments would be necessary for the mice but come to find out they all died as well. We found 20-30 out in the open and many more that were probably in the walls blown up like a balloon the next day.


100% kill achieved in only one treatment, one day, of all household pests. Guarantee is for bed bugs but many other affects of Heat Treatments are elimination of many odors in the house. Bacteria can be killed. Other pests such as roaches, mice, spiders, mites and many others may be part of the process as well.

Try it today! Chemicals aren't working in many cases and Heat Treatments are almost always a one and done!


This is my first ever blog post so after this, I'm officially a blogger. (and a tweeter and a face booker and...soon to be a snap chat type person)

More to come!

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