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Bed Bugs? Not in MY home...

So you think bed bugs are a myth that mom told you before bedtime to scare you right? You remember the old saying, "Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!"

Well I am sorry to say bed bugs are not mythical they very real, and they are taking over. One reason they are so prevalent is because no one likes to talk about them so friends, family, neighbors and even service workers are at a very high risk of picking them up and taking them home. Then, when they get to their new residence, there is not much that kills them except very proven methods such as Thermal Remediation.

Chemicals are ineffective in so many ways but the two biggest factors are location of the eggs and the bed bug ability to become chemically resistant. Spreading bed bugs is easy, getting rid of them can be hard and expensive which means one thing, they aren't going anywhere anytime soon!

I recently had a customer tell me that as a former pest control guy some 25 years ago, he'd never heard of a bed bug job let alone having to inspect for one. That is because they were largely eradicated up to about the mid 1980's until now. DDT and other chemicals were very effective at killing these little vampires but are now banned by the EPA. Flight and travel to countries that have always had bed bugs now have free range to travel with you and believe me, they don't need a ticket!

Well you say, "I can't get these things, my house is clean!" or, "I am not a poor person!" or "I don't go places where beg bugs live!"

Ahem!!! I am sorry did you say you couldn't get bed bugs because you are clean, or not poor, or you don't frequent THOOOSE kind of places?