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Gotta Heat to Treat! Bed Bug Treatment Preparations

In these crazy times where everything seems to be running wild, bitcoin, government, people, and a pandemic to boot, it seems there is no end to the chaos!

Well there is some great news, Bed bug treatments are no longer the super scary end to life as we know it! Traditional treatments using chemicals and sprays have an enormous amount of prep work in order for the treatments to work. This includes washing and drying all clothes and linens, bagging and sealing them, moving furniture and even having to get rid of furniture and beds. All of which increase the time and cost to eliminate these ungodly blood sucking creatures.

Using HEAT however is safe and super effective for your family, home, pets and belongings. Heat will penetrate deep into all the furniture, walls and clothing so eggs all the way to adults die in just one treatment. The temperatures are high enough to kill everything but not enough to hurt your stuff!

What does this mean for all those unsightly preparations traditional sprays would need? Well it eliminates almost all of them. Heat only requires certain things to be removed altogether such as wax candles and crayons and Aerosol cans. otherwise almost everything else stays in place. Clothes in drawers and hanging up stay put. Furniture stays put and best of all, no need to get rid of anything saving time, money and most importantly in these crazy times...your sanity!

This among many other benefits to using HEAT to eliminate a bed bug infestation. Contact Total Shield LLC right away and let us do it right, the first time.


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