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Did you know K-9 (police style dogs) can sniff out live bed bugs and their eggs!

Did you know K-9 (police style dogs) can sniff out live bed bugs and their eggs! If you believe you have an infestation there are a lot of ways to find out. Dogs are definitely one way, but are pretty expensive. One of the very best ways is by the bites you are receiving. A live bug or the remnants of bugs may not show up for months but those itchy red bumps start within 72 hours of bed bug bites. This is your first clue, but there are several ways to find them if you know what to look for. In the photo you can see cast skins of bed bugs going through their life cycle. They shed skin every time they bite until adulthood, then they can start laying eggs which are the white capsules you see. One female can lay up to 5 - 7 eggs a day!

Then there are blood stains on the sheets with black dots in the trails of bed bugs to look for. These are all signs including actual bites that an infestation is well on its way. Just one bed bug is an infestation however because one can become thousands in just weeks! You may not even see a bed bug as they largely only come out at night between the hours of three and six am to bite you. Rest assured though they will not let you rest, they want your blood and they can hide almost anywhere. Mattresses, box springs, bed frames, wood paneling, wall paper, baseboards, floors, carpet and under carpet, even inside the walls are favorite hiding places for these freakish insects. If you suspect an infestation or know you have one, home remedies can help but rarely do they get rid of bed bugs. The most effective way to eradicate every bed bug for good is Thermal Remediation. Heat kills 100% of eggs thru adult stages in just one treatment. Don't be fooled by chemical advertisements and neat looking contraptions that don't protect you and your family! If you are in Central Pennsylvania and Maryland, call Total Shield LLC for a free quote. We are here for you 24/7 and eradicate bed bugs one day, one time, every time!

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